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Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Prices and Yields for All-North Coast

Sometimes we need prices that don't line up with the USDA-NASS Pricing districts. In fact, I often do. Usually that means we need sub-appellations. I don't ever publish those, because I can sell those. But sometimes we need macro-appellations, like North Coast the North Coast AVA. While I use these in products I sell, I don't sell them on their own, since anybody can aggregate the NASS data. So, I may as well make these public to see if I can save any of my readers who might need them a little bit of time, or just fill in information for people who are interested. I can't release info on lesser known varieties, because it is possible that someone could then determine who I'm working on a project for, but here are the prices and yields for Pinot and Chard for the North Coast, 2013-2014:

Price Yield

Variety Change 2014 2013 Change 2014 2013

Pinot Noir 2.38% $2,913.31 $ 2,845.68 -10.31% 70,530 78,633

Chardonnay 2.80% $1,932.08 $ 1,879.40 -4.20% 147,514 153,981

Note: The North Coast AVA includes Pricing Districts 1-5, which translates to Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Solano Counties.

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