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Latest Update on the Crush Report

Just spoke to the hard-working folks at USDA-NASS and here is the latest, unofficial update on the Crush Report:

  • A timeline should be decided Friday afternoon and they should e-mail me on Monday morning. I'll send that update via Twitter and on this blog.

  • It seems all but certain that there will be no preliminary Crush Report, just the regular report and, if necessary (as it usually is) and errata release.

  • The new timeline will be contingent on avoiding another shutdown.

  • Once the report is released, I will try to expedite my release of the updated Grape Data Tool.

If you are a buyer or seller who needs help figuring out how to plan for the future without the Crush Report release; how to resolve payments; or how to finalize contracts, contact me. In light of the need for guidance, I will try to offer highly-affordable solutions. I can serve not only as a consultant, but also, in the case of two parties working toward a mutually agreeable solution, as an unbiased third-party.

I'll have the next update on Monday.

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