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Upward Curve

“Gabriel’s clear, concise and succinct communications were powerfully effective in negotiations with potential investors. His ability to clear up muddy waters with financial planning and forecasting was instrumental in crafting our message. Gabriel listened deeply and distilled our business model into terms that made sense to investors.”

-Scott Knippelmeier, COO, Agrarian Supply

Business Consulting and Custom Services


Many of my clients' needs don't fit into a neat category.  They may need ongoing, general consulting or have a specific problem they need solved.  Sometimes, they need help identifying a nagging problem.  My goal is to help clients with whatever they need to improve their businesses, whether that means custom consulting contracts or, sometimes, finding another professional who can help them best.



Neutral, Fact-Based Assessments


We often make decisions in this industry based on our gut feelings.  With some decisions, decisiveness is more important than analysis.  But our gut feelings can often be influenced by non-business considerations, such as familial or other personal relationships.  With all the focus necessary to navigate daily challenges, entrepreneurs can also lose sight of the big picture.  Just as winemakers can develop "house palate", so can we business owners develop "house vision."  Vineyard Financial Associates has created processes to mitigate biases and focus on big-picture analysis, driven by quantitative measures to help clients make the best decisions for their business.



Transition and Turnaround Management


Some of my clients come from outside of the wine industry, acquiring wine industry assets through non-traditional avenues.  VFA has experience evaluating and managing such assets.  Should you sell it or hold it?  For how long?  What changes should you make?  Who should manage it?  We can help you answer all of these questions.



Competitive and Market Analysis

VFA has a great deal of experience analyzing the competitive landscape and specific markets.  This type of experience can inform mergers and acquisitions activity, marketing strategies or strategic decision-making.

Business Plans

Are you someone with business experience in another industry who wants to get into the wine industry?  Are you someone in the wine industry going into business for yourself for the first time?  VFA can coach you through the business planning process and help you put together your financial plan.  Business plans typically shatter upon contact with reality.  VFA's process builds flexibility into your plan, so that it can adapt to changing realities.  In addition, our proprietary data and methods allow us to create thorough and realistic financial plans that are likely to line up with reality from Year 1.

Technical Expertise, Paired with Domain Knowledge

Financial success in the wine industry is not just about aptitude with budgeting, marketing or software.  Nor is it just about winemaking and viticulture.  Similarly, providing useful consulting for boosting client profits necessitates both technical skill and domain knowledge.  It also requires knowing when to guide a client toward another resource and knowing where to find them that help. 

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