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Tools & Resources

As part of my work, I often generate tools or resources that I feel may be useful to the industry.  Please feel free to make use of any of them, however you would like, so long as you give credit.

Charts of various sorts are available here.  I have done a poor job of including all the useful charts I generate, and they're unorganized, but I think they're pretty interesting to browse.

Wine Codes are provided through an occasionally updated file.  They are the abbreviations I have in my Windows .dll library - when I type the code, the whole word is automatically inserted.  They are uncommon and unique letter combinations that I hope the industry uses.  First, I encourage anyone to similarly use them to save time while typing.  Second, we often communicate with each other in abbreviations.  One common example is the labeling of bulk wine samples, which often leads to mutually unintelligible labeling conventions.  Maybe one day we can all standardize on the same abbreviations.  I'll put mine forward for this use.

The Planting Calculator is a tool that allows you to play with placing various parameters on a vineyard planting plan and then look at different vineyard configurations.  Not sure how well it works right now, as I haven't updated it for a while, but feel free to give it a spin and reach out with any questions, concerns or complaints.

The Grape Data Tool is my most popular public resources.  It distills nearly every Acreage and Crush Report since 1991 into a single Excel workbook with a quick and easy interface.  I have also added a variety of tools to make it easy to pull out a great deal of derivative data.  It saves me hundreds of hours of work every year.  I hope it does the same for you and increases the use of USDA data in our industry.  I am also, very intermittently, creating various video case study tutorials to show how to best use this tool.  Check it out.

I have also put together a new page for keeping all of my public forecasts going forward.  I have many that I made in the past that are not on the page.  Any from 7/31/18 and onward will be kept here.

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