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Vineyard Financial Associates

Unbiased, Evidence-Based and Thorough




Industry-Leading Grape Price, Expense and Land Price Projections to accurately assess future risk and returns, guide investments in acquisitions and redevelopment and develop varietal allocation plans. 


Transition and Turnaround Management of vineyards and related investments to smoothly navigate changes of ownership; preserve asset value during ambiguous legal situations; reduce expenses wisely in poor cash flow situations; improve the quality and business operation of struggling vineyards; and time and manage entry and exit strategies to maximize your return on investment.


Unbiased research and analysis of your business' operations, those of your competitors and of the marketplace to help create grounded, evidence-based strategies and plans, within a context of appropriate confidentiality.


AVA Valuations to reduce vineyard owners' tax burdens.  Click here for more information on AVA valuations.






We work together with vineyard owners, wineries and others to set financial goals, outline a roadmap to get there and implement data-driven methods for tracking progress, re-assessing direction and revealing new ways to improve operations.



We work with their financial institutions to develop and secure sensible loan packages.


We work with soil scientists and viticulturists to identify the most profitable way to develop or re-develop your vineyard for the long-term.


We work together with investors to time market entry and exit and manage business profitably during operations.


We work with CPAs and appraisers to provide AVA appraisals.




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