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Average Global Tartaric Add = 1.6g

If I could remember the name of any science teacher I ever had I would dedicate this post to him/her. I guess memories of school don't come easily to someone who started making wine under his bed at the age of 15. This morning while opening up News Fetch, I saw two articles almost right next to each other. One gave total global wine production. The other gave total global tartaric acid usage and indicated how much of that tartaric went into wine production. Due to some wine-nerd perversity I have in my heart, I just had to scratch the itch. I mean, Bacchus himself must have put those articles next to each other (or Lew Perdue, maybe.)

Anyways, I took both articles and can tell you that the average amount of tartaric acid added to wine globally is roughly 1.58 grams per liter. That's enough to decrease pH by roughly .16 pH units. Now you know. And my itch has been scratched. Science teachers, you can check my work below:

Raw Stat Metric

Total Tartaric Use 60.56 kilotons 121,120,000 Kilograms

Wine Usage 33.6% 40,696,320 Kilograms

Global Wine Production 6,800,000,000 gal 25,740,788,000 liters

Kilograms per Liter: 0.001581005

Grams per Liter: 1.581005212

Music played while writing calculation/writing this blog:

House of the Rising Sun, The Animals

Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley

I Melt With You, cover by Nouvelle Vague

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