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Improved Grape Data Tool

In April I sent out the 2015 version of my grape data tool. I have a list of improvements I would like to add to it to save myself more time and make it more useful. One thing it has lacked is a calculation of cumulative average growth rate (CAGR). I've been meaning to add a couple of CAGR features.

My summer intern, Jacob Tehrani, beat me to the punch. The tool has always included a column that averages all of the different output data. Now, to the right of that column is the CAGR. This only works for varieties for which there is information going back to 1994 for acreage and 1991 for prices and yields.

In addition, though, there is no a region where you can define a period within the dataset and pull a CAGR for whatever type of data (acreage, price, etc.) that you would like. Click here to go to my tools page and download it.

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