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Advanced Grape Data Tool available upon request

Hey all, I have created an advance version of my grape data tool. It is not available for download from the Excel Tools page. But, if you e-mail me, I will e-mail it back to you. It has some great macro-based tools.

With the click of a button it will create a sheet that provides all the regular data for a variety for each USDA pricing district, along with statewide numbers, for a quick snapshot of a variety's statewide dynamics. I mostly use it when I just want to pull out a few districts' stats to compare.

Another macro will create a chart with the average price and every percentile price 1-99 for a variety and district combination, along with the same numbers, adjusted for inflation into constant 2016 dollars. Of course, summary stats are also provided automatically. Often, you can find useful breaking points in pricing dynamics between grapes of differing quality.

Yet another tool will provide the same data as usual, but with the compounded annual growth rate from the first year of data up through each and every other year in the data set, which helps me see how growth slows and accelerates over time.

Another macro will produce the usual data, but normalized to the first year and to the average of the whole data set. This helps me understand where we are in terms to long-term norms.

Finally, another tool allows you to click a button and pull up the percentile pricing data, in nominal and inflation-agnostic terms, for each district.

If you would like the advanced version, please e-mail me and I will send you the tool and some basic instructions.

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