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Interested in Protecting your Workforce from Deportation?

Today, the North Bay Rapid Response Network is launching to try to reduce the threat of deportation to local, undocumented residents. Their activities are centered on Sonoma Napa Counties and include education, providing legal observers to document ICE actions and providing support to families who have had someone deported. They would like to contact vineyard owners, managers and workers to provide education on how to avoid and cope with ICE actions against vineyard crews. If you're interested, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate folks. The press release they sent me follows:

North Bay Rapid Response Network: Sonoma County

Launches 24-Hour Hotline to Defend Undocumented Immigrants

TODAY, Wednesday November 8 at 5:30 PM




AND AT 8:00 AM

Students are taking action on campus to raise awareness of the 24/7 Hotline. Young people from local MEChA & student activism clubs at Casa Grande High School, Petaluma High School, Hillard Comstock Middle School, Roseland University Prep, Elsie Allen High School, Sonoma Valley High School and Windsor High School are all planning to distribute informational cards to parents dropping off students at school on the morning of November 8th. Many groups will be providing hot chocolate and pan dulce for families while informing them of the purpose of the hotline and strengthening community solidarity.

Information on upcoming legal observer and accompaniment trainings can be found on our Facebook page: for those that may want to get involved

or freshen up their skills

The North Bay Rapid Response Network – Sonoma & Napa Counties, is a network of various community groups and organizations in Sonoma and Napa Counties working to create a way for people to respond to fear and anxiety in our community as a result of the increase in immigration enforcement, ICE raids and other attacks against our communities. Our network provides a way for people of goodwill to bear witness, accompany, and protect members of our community who are living through the increase in immigration enforcement and ICE raids.

Susan Shaw Co-Director, North Bay Organizing Project State Director, Gamaliel of California 707.481.2970

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