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First Grape Data Tool Update for 2018 Data

The Grape Data Tool is my most popular public resources. It distills every Acreage and Crush Report since 1991 into a single Excel workbook with a quick and easy interface. I have also added a variety of tools to make it easy to pull out a great deal of derivative data. It saves me hundreds of hours of work every year. I hope it does the same for you and increases the use of USDA data in our industry. I am also, very intermittently, creating various video case study tutorials to show how to best use this tool.

Its use is governed by the Free Software Foundation's General Public License. The most recent, fully-enabled, 2017 version is available. The 2018 version does not yet have its macro capabilities updated with the newest data, but does have the basic functionalities for data through 2018. For technical reasons, I am no longer making the tool available for direct download from this site. Instead, please e-mail me and I will send you the latest version and also add you to my mailing list for new releases (I will only e-mail you with Grape Data Tool updates - if you want to subscribe to this site, you have to do that through the site's subscription app).

Note that these are big files and may take a bit to download. If you run into glitches with the tool please let me know.

You can find examples of work done using the Grape Data Tool and video tutorials here.

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