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A chart of how women's educational attainment correlates to a country's per capita wine cons

This chart and the table below it show the World Economic Forum ranking for 142 countries for which data exists, by women’s educational attainment and their rank by per capita wine consumption from the Wine Institute. Note that the years don’t line up. The correlation is approximately 50%, which seemed surprisingly high. The WEF numbers are based on primary through tertiary education for women divided by men's achievement, with a maximum of one (as in, no bonus points for women getting more education than men).

Not sure what, if anything this means, but I had it laying around from when I had quite a bit more time on my hands. I am sure that a few glasses into a dinner party, I’ll be using it to push some grandiose claim about wine being essential to civilization or something of that sort, but, of course, I doubt the causality is there. If I had all the time in the world, I might try to control for income. In any case, I bet you would see the same strength of correlation, but inverse, if you tried to measure something like goat ownership per capita against wine consumption. Still, it’s pretty interesting to me, both for the outliers and for the comparisons between similar countries.

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