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Hungarian Millennium

Do the words Hungarian Millennium mean anything to you? They mean nothing to me. Or at least they meant nothing to me yesterday. I was putting a little bit of time into updating my California wine grape data tool when I noticed a new variety in the acreage report. It's called Hungarian Millennium. This is a complete mystery to me. Apparently, someone planted 80 acres of this stuff in Kern County. It's listed as a white variety. And yes, it is listed as a wine grape. I can't find anything about it online, although I've learned a little bit about Hungarian monuments and buildings. I've called the USDA and a couple of nurseries, so we'll see if that turns up anything interesting. In the meantime, look out for me to release an early version of the grape data tool tomorrow or the day after, depending how much time I can make. But, if someone out there knows anything about this, I'd love to hear about the variety, who planted it and why.

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