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Support Early Childhood Education and Get Great Deals on Great, Rare Wines

My son's preschool is having an auction to raise money. As much as I hate to bring in rival bidders, it's for a great cause, so I encourage you to check it out and bid on the many great gifts and surprisingly great selection of wines: Wine country's best deals on great #wine are a preschool auction, for real. Check it out:

Why should you bid?

1) We lost government funding during the Great Recession and this is one of the ways in which we fill the gap, so that we can continue to offer affordable preschool.

2) Our school is a co-op. We parents supervise the kids, manage the school, maintain the grounds, etc. That means we're a real community and supporting us helps us to raise good people who will become your neighbors.

3) If you're actually reading this, it means you likely read my blog regularly and derive some value from it. If you use my grape data tool, that's a whole lot of free value. So do me a solid and go buy a nice bottle of wine, a massage, a gift card to a great Healdsburg restaurant, etc. Put together a date night, stock up on holiday gifts or just treat yourself.

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