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Quoted in WBM Article on Grape Prices

I was quoted in the August Wine Business Monthly.

Here are the quotes:

'As an example, Gabriel Froymovich of Vineyard Financial Associates wrote in an email, “… Most likely 2018 will be a watershed year for coastal grapes…I think the industry should be prepared for our highest prices yet in 2018 for grapes that have strong demand. Many of those grapes are likely to see prices soften sometime soon after that.”'


'VFA’s Froymovich noted “Price trends will continue to vary depending on appellation and variety, but also by positioning. That is, even within a grape type, such as Sonoma County Chardonnay, you will see drastic differences in price movement between average prices and the price for 99th percentile-priced fruit. And, of course, any trends can be blown off course by macroeconomic or political events, such as another recession or a successful attempt to reduce the availability of migrant labor.”'

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