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Using the Grape Data Tool to Assess Market Share by Region

Now and again, it's useful to try to take big picture views of our industry. One thing I like to look at is the way market share shifts between regions. Using the Grape Data Tool, it's easy to pull up all the data at once and build out some charts and tables. Unfortunately, I've found that I have a great deal of trouble properly displaying charts on this blog. Not sure why. It used to be easy.

Instead of just posting the charts, which I will try to do next week, I created a tutorial video that will show you how to use one of the Grape Data Tool macros and also discusses this market share issue.

Specifically, I looked at market share by:

  • Yields;

  • Acreage; and

  • Implied Grape Sales Revenue.

I looked at these metrics across the following regions:

  • North Coast: Pricing Districts 1-5;

  • Central Coast: Pricing Districts 6-8;

  • San Joaquin Valley: Pricing Districts 12-14;

  • Lodi/Delta: Pricing Districts 17 and 11;

  • Other Regions: Pricing Districts 9, 10, 15 & 16.

You can download the video by right-clicking on this link.

Its permanent home, along with the other tutorial video(s) is right here.

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