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Best Grape Data Tool Ever

As any of my readers know I am passionate about the use of data in the wine industry. I want us to stop relying on our gut decisions when we can use data to inform our decisions. One great source of data are the USDA reports. These are largely under-utilized, though. If you are looking at historical numbers, it can take a long time to wade through the data. That is the case no more. The work is done for you. I made a tool that requires you to type in the district and pick a variety from a pull-down menu - statewide, all wine, all red and all white are also valid commands - and it returns the following figures going back as far as 1991:

  • Price

  • Yields

  • Acreage

  • Total Sales

  • Sales per Acre

  • Yields per Acre

  • Year-to-Year Change in the Above

  • Averages of the Above

Use it and pass it around. I hope it saves lots of people lots of time and helps others use the data more often.

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