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Grape Data Tool Tutorial

Lew Perdue has been kind enough to repeatedly remind me that, though my Grape Data Tool is both free and useful, that people in our industry may not be used to such things. He has convinced me to create video tutorials. There are two reasons I haven't been doing that. First, I don't have a lot of extra time laying around. Second, it seems like something I would be bad at. Well, I squeezed in the time, but I'm not sure online video presentations are my forte. That being said, if your life is affected by vineyards, you should learn how to use my Grape Data Tool. Take 20 minutes and watch my first tutorial. Some video is blurry and I'm a bit awkward, but the tool is really useful.

I couldn't find a good website to put the video on (its size causes YouTube to compress it and make it difficult to see.) It's available for direct download by right-clicking here and selecting download link.

A permanent home for links to the Grape Data Tool tutorials can be found here.

If you don't have them yet, you can find the basic and advanced Grape Data Tools here.

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