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First update of the Grape Data Tool

The nice folks at USDA-NASS took a bit longer than usual, but they finally got the Acreage Report up on Friday. For me, that heralds a busy season. I'm burning the candle at both ends to update grape price forecasts and the Grape Data Tool. So far, I've got the Grape Data Tool's non-macro capabilities updated. Hopefully, they're working well.

You can download it here or from the permanent, Excel Tools page of this site. The tool's use is governed by the Free Software Foundation's General Public License, to which you are assumed to agree if you download or use the tool. Note that these are big files and may take a bit to download. Don't right-click download, just let DropBox try to open it in browser, which should fail, after which you can direct download. If you run into glitches with the tool or can't download it and need me to e-mail a copy to you please let me know.

If you haven't used the GDT before, here is a training video. I hope to get some more videos up showing how to use the macro capabilities. I hope to get those updated soon, too, but for now, if you want to use them, I'd stick to using them with the older data tool, which you can download from my Excel Tools page.

While I'm geeking out on the data release, a tip of the hat to the USDA folks for finally changing Mataro's name to the much more commonly used Mourvedre. It also looks like they relegated Emerald Riesling to the Other White Varieties category. If you're interested in the industry's most accurate grape price forecasts or other financial, business or data analysis consulting for the wine industry, contact me.

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