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Interactive Chart of the Last 27 Years of Napa Cabernet Prices by Percentile

So, sometimes I'm deep into a client project and I hit a wall. My work quality drops, my productivity falls. In some cases, I just do some jumping jacks or go into the house to change that light bulb that went out a couple days ago - and then get back to work. But sometimes I feel the need to keep my mind focused on the same type of work - I just need a break from the subject matter at hand.

So I made a pretty cool interactive chart that allows you to track the distribution of prices of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, by percentile, over the last 27 years. As my site is a Wix site, I can't post documents in blog posts, so I've put this chart, and will put other similar charts, on my Grape Data Tool page, since the GDT made it really easy to make the chart. Click through and check it out - if you have any interest in this topic, it's worth it. The download link is at the bottom of the page. And, yes, the sheet is macro-enabled, but don't worry, it's also protected so you can't do any harm to your PC with it. And contact me if you have any issues or questions. Feel free to distribute the file far and wide, but please keep the couple of lines that have my contact info on them.

Oh, and by the way, if you want similar charts like this, reach out and talk me into it. Working for free is most certainly not a core strategy for my business model, but these things really only take me like 10 minutes to make.

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