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The Crush Report is Here! Acreage Report Due Friday

So, the Crush Report dropped on April 10th, as expected in my last update on the matter. Usually I'm on top of that, as soon as it happens. Reading through it; bothering the nice folks at USDA-NASS about any suspected errors or oddities. In fact, I plan my whole work calendar around it. This year, though, the government shutdown delayed release to a period of time that I was abroad.

So, now I'm still in the middle of client projects. So, I'm cutting out my typical blogging about the Crush Report. A lot to do, though, now that the report is in:

  • I'll be grading my public and client forecasts.

  • I always release the results of past, public forecasts. This year, I'm thinking of making my overall track record known. Public forecasts are a small fraction of my total forecasts, so the public grading isn't indicative of overall accuracy. On the other hand, only the public forecasts are verifiable.

Once the Acreage Report is released on Friday at noon, I then start on:

  • Updating my clients' forecasts.

  • Grading my acreage forecasts.

  • Updating the Grape Data Tool.

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