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El Dorado Wine Grape Price Forecast

I then made a bold prediction. In the past, USDA Pricing District 10 (Sierra Foothills) and, as far back as I can tell, El Dorado specifically, have not seen prices drop when the market cycle enters periods of oversupply. My theory for this is that buyers create little opportunity for growers to produce profit and so, cutting prices is impossible. While I have been predicting that most coastal regions will see price reductions on most varieties, I don't think this is the case with El Dorado.

To be clear, I have done little in-depth analysis of this issue, so my confidence that prices will continue to inch upward is relatively low. But prices shouldn't drop. The value of El Dorado grapes from competent growers is already very high for buyers. In any case, based on this theory, my prediction is that the weighted, 2019 average price for all varieties from El Dorado will be $1,714. Time will tell.

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