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Grape Data Tool 2017 v0.1

Today I posted to my site an updated Grape Data Tool. If you haven't used this thing yet, you need to. It allows you to very easily look up wine grape data by district or all California and by variety, color or in total. It pulls data from 1991 through 2016, including prices, yields, acreage, total sales, yields per acre, sales revenue per acre and the year on year change for all that data. It also provides a variety of automatic calculations of averages and compounded average growth rates. You can even look up price percentiles.

The current version is not yet percentile-enabled for 2016, but that's coming. I will also be adding a variety of new advanced features at some point this year. Here is a direct link to download the tool. It lives permanently on the Excel Tools page, which has a button on the upper navigation bar.

I make this tool for myself, but I make it available to the public to encourage more use of data. One thing it cannot do is give you future data. For that, you should contact me!

Listened to while writing this post: Rhythm and Repose, by Glen Hansard, from the "Anti" label based out of Sebastopol.

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